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Note: Each syringe contains 30 mL Neonorm Foal.
Dosing: 10 mL of Neonorm Foal, 2 to 3 times per day, for up to 3 days. (2 to 3 syringes for a full regimen.)

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Neonorm™ Foal’s Unique Mechanism of Action


A Natural, Plant-Based Product

Comprised of a standardized botanical extract derived from the Croton lechleri tree.

Tackles Foal Diarrhea at the Source: Fluid Loss

Normalizes water flow into the intestine by acting directly on electrolyte imbalances.

The Mechanism of Action is Well Documented

Neonorm Foal acts at the cellular level by normalizing the flow of chloride ions into the gut lumen from epithelial cells lining the intestine.


Administer 10 mL of Neonorm Foal, 2 to 3 times per day, for up to 3 days.

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Neonorm Foal’s Ethnobotanical Origins

by Steven R. King, Ph.D.

The term ethnobotanical refers to the use of plants by indigenous people in the course of their everyday lives, including the use of plants for medicine.

The product, Neonorm Foal, and the standardized botanical extract it contains result from decades of research that began with the expertise of traditional healers of the Amazon rainforest.

The standardized botanical extract in Neonorm Foal is derived from the Amazonian tree species, Croton lechleri, and has a rich history of medicinal use by indigenous peoples in the Western Amazon rainforests of South America. The tree produces a blood red latex from which the standardized botanical exact Neonorm is isolated and purified. The tree is commonly called “Sangre de drago” in Spanish which translates to “Dragon’s blood” in English.

This Croton lechleri tree is one of the most widely used plant-derived medicines in the western hemisphere. Red latex from Croton lechleri trees continues to be part of rural and urban traditional medicine in multiple countries including Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Indigenous people utilize the red latex to treat a variety of medical conditions. Its most common uses are taking small quantities of the latex orally to treat diarrhea, stomach ulcers, coughs and flu. The red latex is also applied topically as a wound healing agent for cuts, open sores and for healing the gums after tooth extractions. It has been and continues to be used to treat humans as well as dogs and livestock.

Because of its widespread medicinal use, there has been extensive research conducted on the chemistry and pharmacology of this red latex. The product, Neonorm Foal, and the standardized botanical extract it contains are the result of decades of research that began with the expertise of traditional healers of the Amazon rainforest.

Neonorm Foal is extracted and purified from the red latex of Croton lechleri, shown here as it exudes from the cut bark of the tree.

The Croton lechleri tree is rapidly growing and abundant in multiple countries. Jaguar Animal Health and its predecessor companies always focus on the long-term sustainable management of the tree as part of our commitment to helping local communities both conserve their natural resources while also earning income for the basic needs of their families, such as food, clothing, health care and education. Jaguar Animal Health employees have been collaborating with local communities, business partners and scientists for the past 25 years to make certain that the development and sale of this product provides benefit to local communities. Large numbers of these trees have been planted, and re-planted upon harvesting, across Peru in collaboration with communities and small local businesses.

Veterinarians: Neonorm Foal can be purchased through the distributor listed below.

What is Neonorm™ Foal and how does it compare to other equine anti-diarrheal products?

Neonorm™ Foal is a non-prescription product for foals that contains a standardized botanical extract from the Croton lechleri tree. The product is formulated as a peppermint-flavored paste and comes in 30 mL syringes. It is a clinically tested, first-in-class product.

Viruses, toxins, and/or bacteria trigger a reaction in the gut lining cells, causing chloride channels in these cells to open. As chloride flows into the lumen of the gut through these channels, water naturally follows via osmosis. This results in excess fluid in the lumen and, consequently, in watery feces. Neonorm™ Foal works by regulating these chloride channels, essentially normalizing fluid exchange between the gut lining cells and the lumen of the gut.

Where does Neonorm™ Foal come from?

The standardized botanical extract in Neonorm™ Foal is isolated and purified from the Amazonian tree species Croton lechleri, which has a rich history of use by indigenous people of the Western Amazon rainforest of South America. Local and indigenous people in this region commonly take small quantities of this latex orally when experiencing diarrhea, stomach ulcers, coughs and flu.

What are the ingredients in Neonorm™ Foal?

The core ingredient in Neonorm™ Foal is a standardized botanical extract derived from the Croton lechleri tree.

How does Neonorm™ Foal work?

Neonorm™ Foal is a first-in-class product that functions at the cellular level by normalizing the flow of chloride ions into the gut lumen from epithelial cells lining the intestine. The flow of chloride ions causes water to follow via osmosis into the gut lumen, resulting in secretory diarrhea.

Since Neonorm™ Foal works to normalize chloride ion channels, does it block the uptake of other nutrients from within the gut?

No. Neonorm™ Foal’s mechanism of action is specific to the CFTR (cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator) and CaCC (calcium-activated chloride channels) channels on the side of the epithelial cells facing the lumen. It partially closes, but does not completely block, those gates that allow the secretion of chloride into the lumen in response to a pathological stimulant (the presence of E. coli toxins, for instance). The secretion of water along with chloride ions is a consequence of this process.

Nutrient absorption does not occur through chloride channels, therefore Neonorm™ Foal does not affect nutrient absorption; it helps maintain a normal physiological state and does not affect gut motility (i.e. it does not cause constipation).

What is the recommended regimen for use?

Give 10 mL of Neonorm™ Foal 2-3 times daily for up to three days. A full regimen is 2-3 30 mL syringes.

How do I administer Neonorm™ Foal?

Neonorm™ Foal comes in an easily-administered, peppermint-flavored paste that is given orally.

For best results, when should I give Neonorm™ Foal?

Neonorm™ Foal should be given as soon as loose stool appears, or as soon as the foal becomes listless or quits nursing. It can also be administered to foals that are believed to be at risk for developing diarrhea.

When do you give Neonorm™ Foal relative to feeding?

The paste can be given before or right after feeding.

Does giving Neonorm™ Foal affect the foal’s appetite?

Typically, the foal will feel better and the appetite will improve.

Can you give Neonorm™ Foal in conjunction with other medications and treatments?

Yes. Neonorm™ Foal can be given with probiotics, oral electrolytes and other medications and treatments; there are no known contraindications. There are no known interactions with other non-prescription products, feed additives or antibiotics. The product has been successfully administered at the same time as oral probiotics.

Is Neonorm™ Foal an antibiotic?

No. Neonorm™ Foal is not an antibiotic. It does not work to treat the infection causing diarrhea and is not meant to replace or substitute for normal standard of care.

Can Neonorm™ Foal be given to a foal of any age?

Yes. Neonorm™ Foal can be given to any age foal. Colostrum administration is always recommended prior to giving Neonorm™ Foal.

Does Neonorm™ Foal cause constipation?

No. Neonorm™ Foal does not cause constipation. Neonorm™ Foal acts to normalize fluid exchange without stopping it completely; therefore, constipation is not an issue, even at high doses.

Can I overdose a foal on Neonorm™ Foal?

No. Laboratory animals have been given Neonorm™ at doses up to 400 times the effective dose without serious, adverse effects; therefore, overdose it not a cause for concern.

How long does it take Neonorm™ Foal to work?

Effects have been observed within 24 hours of beginning the regimen.

Is there anything special I should look for after giving Neonorm™ Foal?

You should observe normal stool formation and a general improvement in the health of the foal. If the foal appears dehydrated it should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

Are there any safety concerns with Neonorm™ Foal?

No. Neonorm™ Foal is safe to use in foals of all ages. The product is not absorbed systemically and acts locally in the gut only. Safety studies in various species of animals confirm this.

Are there any side effects?

No. No side-effects have been noted.

Is there a withdrawal period?

No. There is no withdrawal period since Neonorm™ Foal is not absorbed or metabolized by the body.

If my foal often experiences bouts of diarrhea, how frequently can I give Neonorm™ Foal?

As Neonorm™ Foal is not absorbed systemically, continuous administration is safe, if needed. However, if your foal is experiencing regular bouts of diarrhea a veterinarian should be consulted.

What if I forget to give my foal a Neonorm™ Foal dose one day?

Continue dosing until the foal receives the recommended regimen.

Is it safe to use Neonorm™ Foal in nursing foals?

Yes. Neonorm™ Foal is safe to use in nursing foals. Data from safety and efficacy studies performed in 2015 show no adverse effects in over 80 nursing foals as young as 12 hours of age. Nevertheless, it is always recommended that foals receive an adequate amount of colostrum before receiving any other product or medication.

Is Neonorm™ Foal safe and effective to use in adult horses? Pregnant mares? Miniature horses?

The safety and efficacy of Neonorm™ Foal has not been evaluated in adult horses, pregnant mares or miniature horses. However, extensive safety studies have been performed in multiple species, including humans, and as the product is not absorbed systemically, adverse effects in adults, pregnant mares and/or the developing fetus and miniature horses are not expected. Additionally, there are anecdotal reports for the successful, safe use in adult horses. Nevertheless, consult your veterinarian before using Neonorm™ Foal in adult horses, pregnant mares or miniature horses.

14 reviews for Neonorm Foal

  1. Ed Lawrence, Foal Owner

    February 29, 2016:
    That was fast!! …and included CHOCOLATE! So, last Friday I saw this banner ad on AQHA’s web site for a free sample of a foal diarrhea medicine named “NEONORM FOAL” by Jaguar Animal Health. Specs said it was clinically tested and botanically derived so it got my immediate attention and I said, “why not?” Ordered the sample via email and did not have to name my first-born on their web request form. Received an almost immediate email response from a real person asking if my address was correct. Then later that day I received another email saying my sample had shipped. Impressive but it gets even better. The sample arrived today – Monday! Even more. There were two syringes — 6 doses — and a future purchase savings coupon. And, the coup de gras that blew me away — a piece of gold foil wrapped chocolate depicting a horse and jockey . WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!! Here’s a pix of the boxed sample. They get 5 stars and I have not yet used the darn product!

    Will post a follow up on effectiveness when I use the product.


    March 9, 2016:
    IT WORKED FOR ME! Please recall my post from February 29th about the free sample of NEONORM FOAL, the clinically tested, botanically derived, foal diarrhea medicine by Jaguar Animal Health. I requested their free sample and received 6 doses in two syringes. Robbie, my 2016 filly foaled on Valentines Day was having off and on diarrhea so I gave it to her. The instructions said give the prescribed dose 2-3 times a day. My schedule would not allow that so Robbie got 1 dose on last Thursday, 1 dose on on Friday, 2 doses on Saturday and 2 doses on Sunday. Today, Tuesday, Robbie’s stools are firm. Still a little soft but firm. Thank you Jaguar Animal Health. 5 stars!


    March 29, 2016:
    The Neonorm Foal product is wonderful and it works. The Jaguar people were very attentive and so professional. Winners all!

  2. John Kreider, Foal Owner

    I am pretty cautious about recommending any product but this one definitely gets five stars. I ordered Neonorm Foal just as our new filly was born. Sure enough, she came down with a bad case of foal diarrhea. Initially, I tried the usual vet recommendations and nothing seemed to work. Then, the Neonorm Foal product arrived in the mail. She started to get better after the first dose and now with the third dose the diarrhea is gone. I’ve never had a foal diarrhea product work this fast or this well. I will definitely keep this in supply for every foaling season.

  3. Deborah, Equine Veterinarian

    It worked quickly and helped reduce costs of other medications such as fluids, antibiotics & anti-inflammatories.

  4. Martina, Equine Veterinarian

    I loved that it really worked! But apart from that, the paste formulation was really practical & the foals really liked it, which doesn’t often happen with many oral medications.

  5. Amelia, Equine Veterinarian

    Many diarrheas are resolved with only one dose, which was very impressive.

  6. Guillermo, Equine Veterinarian

    The formulation & form of administration were great. There was no need to mix it up or add anything else. You use it & throw it away. That time is saved.

  7. Kimberlee Twining-Brown, Foal Owner

    One thing about me, is I LOVE to learn about new products and supplements and nutrition. I am constantly “doing my homework”, reading and investigating and TRYING.

    Well, I want to give a Big KUDOS to Ed Lawrence and to Jaguar Animal Health. Back in Feb, Ed posted about a banner ad that he had seen on AQHA’s web site for a free sample of a foal diarrhea medicine named “NEONORM FOAL” by Jaguar Animal Health.

    So, I visited the site, was intrigued, so ordered my sample. It quickly arrived, with 2 syringes which = 6 does. A coupon for future purchase, and “right up my chocolate loving alley” LOL….a piece of chocolate wrapped in gold foil. 🙂 🙂
    Anyway, my mare came into foal heat and with it, the filly got loose. So, remembered my sample and put this product to the test.

    OK, my intrigue went to impressed. I noticed a difference right away.
    I realize it’s a Big expense for these companies to mail out all these samples, and with CLASS. So I wanted to help spread the word that I WILL be ordering more of this product and its getting a 5 Star rating from me as well!! { pic with only 1 syringe because I used one all ready 🙂 }

  8. Alyssa Fox, Foal Owner

    Definitely recommend this product for any of my friends with foals. We got a sample of the Neonorm and have had great success with it. It’s going to be a must have for us from now on.

  9. Dr. Pedro De Pedro, DVM, MS, DACVIM-LAM, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

    Neonorm is an EXCELLENT product. I’m relying on it for foals with diarrhea, as do a number of my colleagues—with positive results.

  10. Laura Cain, Farm Manager, Montessori Farm, Versailles, KY

    I have been using Neonorm Foal on the farm where I work. It has performed very well in the foals we have given it to. It is definitely a product that we will continue to use here at Montessori Farm in Versailles, Kentucky. I will definitely be recommending it to the other farms that I am involved with.

  11. Tim Tompkins, Oak Orchard Farms

    My experience was very positive. Used Neonorm Foal on two different thoroughbred foals and it was effective on both. Thanks!

  12. Denise Taylor

    It was great! Saw diarrhea one day, treated her that eve and then again the next morn and it was gone! Unbelievable.

  13. Sharie Belew, Lu Palouse Ranch

    I lost my foal from last year (2016) and still had the free samples I received. I used 2 tubes on my 2017 filly at the first sign of Mare heat, and baby loose stools. Worked like a charm! Perfect results, easy to give and baby got over the foal heat perfectly.

    So I ordered more for the following foal. And it seemed to work well for the first couple days, but I think I may have been too soon as the Mare stayed in heat and once the Neonorm was depleted he got the runs again. But that may have been my fault.

    I will for sure be ordering for next years foals!

    Thank You.

  14. Mike and Teresa Thompson, MT Acres, LLC Goldendale, WA

    We saw the product advertised on an RFD-TV show and talked with our vet about it. We bought it as an “in-case-we-need-it”, we feel it’s very inexpensive insurance to have on hand!

    Thank you

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