Economic Benefits Calculator

Dehydration from scours poses a significant threat to the health and future productivity of newborn calves, and significantly increases the expenses and labor required to care for the animals. The calculator tool appearing below provides an estimate of the economic benefit of using Neonorm Calf. It is based on based on the results of a Jaguar study1 conducted in association with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. The study evaluated the effect of Neonorm Calf on diarrhea in newborn calves and was published in Journal of Dairy Science, the official, peer-reviewed journal of the American Dairy Science Association, in 2015. Estimates generated by the below tool include data regarding average daily weight gain of calves when using Neonorm Calf, the expected increase in calf value derived from weight gain, and an estimate of extra costs typically incurred by producers when calves scour.

1Effect of crofelemer on severity and consistency of experimentally induced enterotoxigenic Escherichia colidiarrhea in newbornextract Holstein calves. Teixeira, A.G.V. et al. Journal of Dairy Science, Volume 98, Issue 11, 8035 – 8043.